1st Kanata Venturer Company Home page (1stKVC)

The 1st Kanata Venturer Company meets weekly at the Beaverbrook Community Centre at 7:30 pm.  Under supervision by the Advisors, they plan activities, local camps, community service events, and adventurous camping trips.  Youth are aged 14-18.
If you would like to discuss the program or possible registration please email the Advisor@1stkanatascouts.org.

In the past they have achieved national awards for their trips to Alqonquin Park, the Sleeping Giant, and the West Coast Trail.  Below are some brief trip summaries since going online in 2009.

Venturers climb Hurricane Mountain in NY, Sept 2016

In the summer of 2015, the 1stKVC biked from Ottawa to Sandbanks Provincial Park. Five youth pushed to their limits under hot and humid conditions.  Once at the park, they enjoyed a couple of days of rest and relaxation before returning home.  A couple of weeks later, 3 youth went to the World Jamboree in Japan!  What a summer of experiences.

During the summer of 2014, the Company canoed in La Verandrye Wilderness Reserve (Circuit #32).  Three canoes and one kayak took only 4 days to complete what was thought to be a 5 day excursion.  These guys are well beyond the intermediate level and enjoy the challenge.

In 2013, the Company planned and executed a trip with their efforts and skills.  The 7-day canoeing trip was in Algonquin Park on the Big Trout lake loop.

In 2012, the youth hiked 4 mountains in the Adirondacks over 5 days.  As well several youth participated in the Baffin Expedition and SEVEC exchange with Pangnirtung, Nunavut.

In 2011, six youth kayaked in Georgian Bay for 14 days with the support of a sailboat for supplies.

In 2010, seven youth biked across PEI from Tip-to-Tip. Their Trip from North Cape to East point took a total of 12 days. Beforehand they had done several training trips in the area to get used to towing bike trailers and to train for their trip. They biked part of the distance along the confederation trail and the rest along roads. The entirety of the trip was planned and completed by the youth of the company alone. They planned several activities such as deep sea fishing, kayaking and visits to beaches and several museums and historic sites.

This photo was taken at North Cape, PEI, where the 1st Kanata Venturer Company started their bike trip

In 2009,  they canoed through the canyons of Utah, hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and toured national parks in Utah and Arizona over a two-week period. They flew into Las Vegas, rented a car and drove in a large loop through three US states; Utah, Arizona and Nevada. They hiked the 1,763 m climb to the spectacular Angel's Landing and through a canyon river at the Zion Narrows. They watched a sunrise over the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. They canoed for three days through the canyons of the Green River in Utah and then finally hiked down the Grand Canyon.
This is the group of eight that hiked down the Grand Canyon at the end of their 2009 trip.